Flood & water damaged pianos

Piano Exposure to Water/Moisture

Piano’s and water / humidity do not mix well and can be very harmful to your piano. A piano that has been exposed to high changes in temperature or humidity will require numerous piano tunings and complete regulation just to stabilize a piano that has been exposed to these conditions.Piano Tuner

It only gets worse from there. If the piano has been subjected to standing water above the case of the piano in all likelihood will be damaged beyond repair. At this point you will be in the market for a new piano.

Water that has gotten to the soundboard,  will also weaken the many glue joints that are in the piano resulting in all kind of damage. Wet strings will cause rust that will continue until the strings begin to break.

Then there is all of the hundreds if not thousands of bushings that will swell and cause keys to stick and just not play. There are many other problems that water and humidity can do to the case of the piano as well as the keys.

If this sounds like a serious problem, well it is. There is thousands of pounds of string pressure on the harp and case. Water can cause structural problems that just can’t be repaired.

Are you in a flood prone area? In the case of your piano and many other pieces of furniture in your home, your best solution is going to be Great Flood Insurance along with a value appraisal  of your piano prior to the damage.

One of the most important facts you should be aware of is the length of time it can take for a lot of these problems to show themselves. In the case of the strings breaking, you may not see the problem for a year or more. As for the many bushings, they also can take time to show the problems that will occur.

Now for a little good news. Pianos that have been subjected to high humidity or sat in a few inches of water for a short amount of time can usually be repaired. However these problems can still be serious.

Continued exposure to high humidity can foster rust to the strings, tuning pins and the many metal pieces of the internal parts of a piano. The wood can crack when it is drying out. Also there is the mold issue that is a subject for another post. Stay Tuned.


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