Purchasing New and Used Pianos

Purchasing pianos new or used is not only an expensive project, it is also a lifetime commitment. Your time and money is valuable so you will want to make the most of it. Many people purchase there first piano when one of there children decide to begin taking piano lessons. Make sure you invest in a piano you’ll find easy and enjoyable to play.yamahapolyester

While the cabinet of the piano is usually a huge concern, it is not the most important concern facing you when looking for a new piano (new or used).

There are two people you should get in your corner before looking for your first piano. The first person is a qualified piano technician/tuner and second would be a good piano teacher. These folks can help you through your purchase.

If you are purchasing a piano for a young child (5 to 10 years of age) you might want to consider purchasing a pre-owned piano until you are sure your child will continue to take lessons and learn to play piano. One of the reasons for this is obviously the expense of a new piano that will just sit if your child decides not to continue with piano. While new pianos are quite pricey approx ($7000.00) and can be much more expensive, they do come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you are going to buy new then you should require that all tuning and moving be picked up by the piano company you purchase from. You can also choose what type of furniture style it comes in.

Used pianos can be purchased for quite a bit less, almost always under $2000.00. While you can almost always find a great piano used, never shop for a used piano without a qualified piano technician to check all aspects of your possible purchase. When searching for a used piano, find a piano that plays well and looks the way you want, and then call your piano technician and have him or her come check it out.
As you can see you can save money buying used, if your piano holds up without a lot of extra maintenance.
Last, you should find out as much as you can about the piano, including how it was previously used and maintained. This includes checking where the piano was in its previous home. Things like fire places that are frequently used will dry a piano out and over time ruin an otherwise great looking piano. (One reason to have a Piano Technician check the piano.) you can’t see this damage.
Whether you decide to buy a new  piano, note that all new pianos need some adjustments after being shipped and prior to being sold. So make sure your piano company is willing to make those adjustments for you!

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